As an Accredited Turf Installer through Lawn Solutions Australia we have access to the nation’s best and most experienced turf growers. Through this relationship and professional training our staff are

Lawn Solutions Accredited

  • Professionally trained and accredited
  • Experienced in all areas of turf installation and surface preparation
  • Experienced knowledge of turf varieties
  • Offer professional advice to our customers

Mid North Pave and Landscape supply a selection of lawn to suit your area. We have taken the confusion out of lawn selection by choosing the best performing varieties in our regions

Dark Green indicates best performing results


Sir Walter Buffalo is our premium lawn variety. Over 50 million metres have been sold Australia wide, making it Australia’s favourite lawn. Sir Walter was bred specifically for the tough Australian environment and is the perfect choice for any home. Great in the sun and the shade, Sir Walter will add that special finishing touch to your garden design.

Advantages: close-up-of-sir-walter-grass

  • Lifestyle lawn with the Lowest Maintenance
  • Great for Kids and Pets!
  • Performs well in Full Sun AND up to 70% Shade
  • Has lush and Soft leaves
  • Low Allergenic
  • A ‘Lawn for Life’ with correct maintenance
  • Drought tolerant and Salt Tolerant
  • Self-repairing and Hard Wearing
  • Good Winter Colour. While it may lose some colour due to heavy frosts, Sir Walter will perform very well and will bounce back after the toughest winter and drought
  • Bug and Disease resistant
  • Low maintenance

Eureka Kikuyu

Looking for an economical all-rounder? Then Eureka Kikuyu is your choice of instant lawn.  Eureka Premium grows twice as fast as normal Kikuyu for rapid recovery. A proven performer in most Australian climates, Eureka Kikuyu is a vigorous grower that stands up to a wide range of conditions.

Eureka-Kikuyu-lawnHowever because of its rapid growth properties Kikuyu is a high maintenance lawn requiring more mowing, watering and FERTILIZING, sometimes being a bit over friendly with your garden and pavers.  If you love spending time in your garden each weekend mowing and maintaining this is a good lawn for you.

Eureka Premium Kikuyu is perfect for those larger projects. Eureka is a premium lawn that has a bigger list of attributes than ordinary male sterile or dwarf Kikuyu’s. As it has a better rhizomous base it is fast repairing, even growth and stays green longer than other Kikuyu varieties.

  • Medium-coarse bright green leaves
  • Reasonable cold weather tolerance
  • Good resistance to wear and recovery is rapid, twice as quick as normal Kikuyu
  • Maintains even colour year round in warm climates Maintains growth and colour into autumn and early winter

Nullarbor CouchPrint

Nullarbor Couch is your perfect choice to produce a low manicured lawn that stands out in your street. Nullarbor Couch will give long lasting performance in full sun areas.

Nullarbor Couch makes a good environmentally friendly playing surface when frequently mowed every 5-7 days in summer. Couch prefers a reel mower for that low smooth green look.

Nullarbour-Couch-park-commerical-picture1Unlike Australia’s premium home lawn Sir Walter, which is extremely shade tolerant, Nullarbor Couch grows best in full sun and requires at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. Applying Lawn Solutions Australia’s recommended fertiliser 2-3 times per year will maintain a dense vigorous turf cover. Otherwise, Nullarbor Couch maintenance requirements may be needed for pests and diseases. Keep it looking its best by mowing at about 15-25 mm height. Nullarbor Couch instant lawn is the right choice for your home if you love fine leaf lawns.

Here’s why:

  • Excellent wear tolerance
  • Very fine leaf structure
  • If you are someone who loves mowing it will give you the smooth bowling green look

Other Options
Although we are accredited to install Sir Walter Buffalo, Eureka Kikuyu
and Nullarbor Couch through our association with  Lawn Solutions Australia, we also have vast experience in installing other lawn varieties

Windsor Green

productswindsor_green-13Windsor Green Couch is our most popular natural turf. It has been specifically designed for the Australian home lawn with proven superiority in heat and drought tolerance. Beautiful and soft, it has superior colour retention all year round, especially compared to other warm
season lawns in winter.Windsor Green is the ultimate low maintenance lawn. It is a semi-dwarf couch grass which means less mowing and less watering. It has low thatch production and is less aggressive yet is also boasts self-repairing qualities and pet tolerance.

It is ideal for full sun.

Kings Pride Buffalo

productsproductssoft_leaf_buffalo_sapphire-12Kings Pride is one of Australia’s newest varieties of soft leaf buffalo and boasts some impressive advantages.

National trials have demonstrated that Kings Pride delivers a softer, greener lawn all year round, whilst saving on time and effort on maintenance.

And what’s more, it was first discovered growing wild – what better proof could there be of its natural ability to thrive in Australia’s testing climate?

When comparing soft leaf buffalos, Kings Pride is one of the most shade tolerant varieties available and it is a great performer when it comes to regenerating from high wear.

Kenda Kykuyu

products_kendaKenda is a brand new variety of kikuyu bred to have higher level of vigour over standard and sterile kikuyu. Kenda has extra-large prostrate runners and 4 times as many rhizomes making it very fast establishing and fast to repair from damage. Its fast horizontal and underground growth surprisingly does not lead to more mowing than other varieties.

Kenda is excellent for high traffic home lawns, sporting facilities, schools, public amenity spaces or any area (except shade) that requires a turf to perform under the stress of extreme wear.

Santa Anna

productssanta_anna-9Santa Anna couch is the original USA hybrid couch grass made famous in South Australia by Brian Munn during the 70s. Santa Anna is a fine textured turf, extremely hard wearing, drought tolerant and can tolerate pet traffic very well. Santa Anna is a fast spreading grass suitable for high wear, full sun areas.

Male Sterile Kykuyu

productskikuyu-7Male Sterile Kikuyu grass is very popular in South Australia because of its drought tolerance and hard wearing qualities. It is a medium blade grass that can grow with very little water and thrives in South Australia’s dry heat.

Most Kikuyu varieties can spread by dispersing their seed into nearby garden beds making it extra invasive. Male sterile Kikuyu does not produce a seed, making it less invasive.

As it is a very aggressive lawn, Kikuyu is idea for areas with very high traffic demands and for holiday homes that receive little attention. Ideal for full sun.